Pancetta Arrotolata


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Pancetta Arrotolata  comes from the fat part of the pig that, once sliced, is salted, put to rest, massaged and finally folded onto itself. It has a delicious sweet-spicy taste. Sliced pancetta can be served as part of a selection of cold meats, or grilled until crisp and then crumbled over pasta, rice, salads and soups. Wrap pieces of fish, chicken or meat in slices of pancetta and oven-bake them, or use it as a pizza topping.


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100g Sliced
250g Sliced
500g Sliced
900g Whole Piece

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100g, 250g, 500g, 900g

1 review for Pancetta Arrotolata

  1. Erika

    This is the best pancetta i ever had,with a good balance of meat and fat. Really good quality!

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