Box of Sicilian Cannoli (9pc)


9 Cannoli x £9.99

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Italian cuisine is known for its variety and versatility. Most Italian dishes are made with fresh ingredients using simple processes. Cannoli is one such dessert item that is popular throughout Italy. It is a Sicilian pastry, crispy, tubular, and filled with a cheesy and creamy filling.

If your mouth has already started watering, we don’t blame you. Cannoli are drool-worthy. Cannoli are made of fried crispy pastry wrap filled with chocolate chips, ricotta, and candied pumpkin cubes. They are trimmed laterally and coated with chopped pistachios, orange peels, and candied cherries. The best thing about cannoli is that you can have them anytime you want. Enjoy them at breakfast or whenever hunger strikes.

We have 3 different flavours: Pistachio, Chocolate or Lemon cream filling.


Cannoli was born around 1091 AD in the Sicilian region. Sicily was under Arab rule, and the society became a mingling pot of Christian and Muslim cultures. The locals tried to uphold their cultural legacy and invented unique dishes like cannolo.

According to historians, cannolo was created for the Carnevale season to celebrate the beginning of the Lent season. Another theory says that the recipe of cannoli was brought by Arabs to Sicily. The sweet dessert was a symbol of fertility. Thus, it became an integral part of the Carnevale festival, which is known for its erotic parties and parades.

How to use

Cannoli is one of the most popular desserts from Italy that has made its place in the global platter. Crispy, tender, and flaky cannoli shells have a melt-in-the-mouth texture that makes them irresistible. The filling is rich and sweet, and the chocolate chips make it more savoury.

Since it is a sweet dish, cannolo is served at the end of a meal. But it has become so popular that people often snack on it. You can either eat it with your hands or use a fork or spoon. Most people prefer to take bites from the two ends alternately so that the centre of the shell remains intact.


PASTRY: WHEAT Flour, Palm Oil, Sugar, Fructose, Honey, Salt, Egg White Powder, Butter (MILK), Dried Yeast, Flavourings.

HAZELNUTS FILLING CREAM: Sugar, Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Palm), Cocoa Powder, Lactose (MILK), HAZELNUTS (2%), Skimmed MILK Powder, Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin, Flavourings.

PISTACHIO FILLING CREAM: Sugar, Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Palm), Skimmed MILK Powder, Whey MILK Powder, Lactose (MILK), Pistachio Nuts (4%), Glucose Syrup, Glycerol, Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin, Flavourings, Thickener (E415), Preserva- tive (E202).

LEMON FLAVOURED FILLING CREAM: Sugar, Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Palm), Modified Potato Starch, Lactose (MILK), Skimmed MILK Powder, Emulsifier: SOYA Lecithin, Flavourings, Glucose Syrup, Colours (E100, E160e), Preservative (E202), Acidity Regulator (E330).

Decoration: Dextrose, WHEAT Starch, Vegetable Fats (Palm, Coconut), Vanillin.

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