Call it Capicollo, capicola, or coppa, Italians can never get over their love for this cured meat. This celebrated salumi is made from spiced and smoked pork shoulder. Capicollo is a culinary cut taken from the neck area of a pig till the fourth or fifth rib of the shoulder.

The fatty portion is seasoned with black pepper, red wine, and spices. The pink meat, marbled with white bits of fat, makes it look delicious. The salty, fatty, and spicy taste of Capicollo make it popular. Soft and tender, Capicollo leaves a lingering aftertaste on the tongue. It is available in slabs and sliced versions. Pre-sliced Capicollo is easier to use and store.


Capicollo is a traditional Italian cold-cut meat made from the shoulder of a pig. Italians have been making Capicollo for ages. Historians claim that the process of making Capicollo was known to Italians between the 8th and 5th centuries BC. With time, they refined the art, and the first documented record of Capicollo appeared in the early 18th century.

The origin of Capicollo was in the Umbria region of Central Italy. Different regions in Italy use separate herbs and spices to prepare Coppa. However, garlic, black pepper, red wine, and paprika are the most common ingredients.

How to use

Chewy, fatty, and spicy, Capicollo is used in a variety of ways. Pre-sliced Capicollo can be eaten raw. They are convenient to use in different recipes. Appetiser boards become more appetising with the presence of Capicollo. Along with burrata, Dijon, and focaccia, Capicollo is enjoyed by every meat lover.

The robust taste of this salame goes well with aged cheese. Wrap it around chunks of Asiago or your favourite cheese for a hearty snack. Capicollo sandwich is a popular dish in Sicily. When added to pizzas, the fleshy and spicy cured meat makes them savoury. Capicollo and bruschetta make a great combination.

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