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Italians’ love for cured meat is legendary. They have gifted the world with some of the best cured meats, and capicollo or capicola is one of these. Capicollo is a seasoned and cured cold cut of pork from the neck to the fourth or fifth rib of the shoulder area.

The name originated in the Campania region. It is soft and tender, with a salty, fatty, and spicy flavour. The herbs and spices render it a delicate taste that lingers on the tongue.  Soft and juicy, Capicollo is cured in a natural casing. It contains the perfect ratio of lean meat and fat, making it tender and moist.


One of the most treasured culinary wonders of Italy, historians and Italian food specialists claim that Capicollo originated between the 8th and 5th centuries BC. Historical records show that this cured meat was produced during the early 18th century.

It originated in central Italy, in the Umbria region, and later on travelled to other parts of Italy. Every region of the country has its own version of this cured meat. However, in general, Capicollo is made from pork shoulder by seasoning it with red or white wine, herbs, and garlic and left to cure in natural casings for six months.

How to use

Immensely versatile, Capicollo can be used in different Italian dishes. From appetisers to pasta to the main dishes, Capicollo can enhance the taste of any recipe.

You can enjoy cooked capicollo as an antipasto or include it with Italian cold cuts. Sicilians add it to their sandwiches. Have a capicola sandwich or pizza, and let your tongue savour the salty and fleshy taste of Capicollo. It is also an indispensable item of charcuterie. For an appetizer, pair capicollo with bruschetta.

Make an appetizer board with burrata, cornichon, capicollo and Dijon. You can add it to cheese boards also. Salads become flavourful with Capicollo.

Approx Weight: 650-750g


Pork, salt, dextrose,sugar,flavours,spices,antixiodants :E301 preservatives:E252-E250.

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