Pancetta a Cubetti (Diced)


If you love pork belly, you must try Pancetta a Cubetti (diced). This Italian cured pork belly is delicious and makes dishes richer and yummier. Pancetta comes with a strong and slightly salty flavour, for which it is a favourite with pork lovers.

Nowadays, you get them diced for saving your time and effort. It is popularly used in pasta recipes, soups, and stews. The simplest way to enjoy this meaty delight is to have it with crusty bread orin pizza-topping. When buying Pancetta, look for pink and damp meat with white or creamy coloured fat.


Italians have been enjoying Pancetta for ages.Pancetta is actually unsmoked Italian bacon. This makes it different from American bacon. The history of Pancetta goes back to several centuries. Historical data shows that in the 15th century, sailors stocked cured meat for long voyages. It is available in slabs, cured, and spiced for added taste.

Usually, curing takes 5-7 days, with an additional 14-21 days of hanging the meat in a cool environment to acquire its unique taste. Different versions of Pancetta are available in Italy, depending on the type of pig and seasonings used to cure the pork.

How to use 

An indispensable item in Italian kitchens, Pancetta a Cubetti is dry-rubbed with salt and other spices to give it a strong taste. Chefs and foodies love it for its versatility.  Fry the cubes for a couple of minutes, and they are ready. When sautéed with onions or garlic, they make a perfect base for pasta, soup, or risotto. Pasta and Pancetta make the perfect pair.

Make your favourite comfort food more flavourful by adding Pancetta to it. Try Arrabbiata with Pancetta for a heavenly meal. Make your favourite carbonara with Pancetta instead of Guanciale and you will never regret the choice. An Italian charcuterie board remains incomplete without Pancetta.

Cook before eating


Pork belly, salt, natural flavouring, preservative: sodium nitrite.

Serves 4.

 Net Weight: 500 g

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