Pancetta Arrotolata



You can never go wrong with Pancetta Arrotolata. This Italian cured meat is a staple in every kitchen. It is made from pork belly, cured, and air-dried to render a porky and distinct flavour. Throughout Italy, Pancetta is available in different forms, but Pancetta Arrotolata is the most popular one. It is rolled and cured until firm.

Usually, the rolls are aged for more than two weeks. Crushed black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon are added to give the cured meat a savoury taste. The rolled meat is streaked with fat, making it a delicious treat for the eyes. Juicy, delicate, and soft, the tenderness of Arrotolata make it a cherished item in Italy.


Pancetta is a widely popular ingredient in Italy. It is made from pork belly, which is cured with salt and other spices to make it flavourful. Pancetta Arrotolata is delicate with a porky taste that entices foodies. Pancetta Arrotolata is more popular in northern Italy.

It originated as early as the 15th century when Italian sailors took long voyages and needed food that lasted long. They carried cured meat along with them, giving birth to this iconic ingredient. Today, it is one of the most renowned salumi in the world, valued for its tenderness and flavour.

How to use

The flavour of Pancetta Arrotolata and its aroma and softness make it versatile. Italians enjoy the cured meat as an antipasto. You can eat it raw to imbibe its porkiness. Sliced Pancetta is a great appetiser. It is usually served on a meat platter. Pair Pancetta Arrotolata with Chianti for a memorable treat.

Traditional dishes like tortellini don’t taste half good without the Pancetta. Pizzas become tastier with slices of fried Pancetta. Dishes like zuppa and insalata also require Pancetta. Pasta with asparagus and Pancetta is a classic Italian dish. Paninis with Pancetta also make a great combination.


Pork belly, salt, dextrose, aromas, spices, antioxidants: E300, preservatives: E252-E250.

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