Pecorino Romano


This is a star ingredient that makes Italian dishes so sumptuous. Pecorino Romano is a traditionally crafted cheese that originated in Rome, hence the name. This hard and salty cheese is made from sheep’s milk. It is one of the most ancient cheeses from Italy. It comes with a tough, yellow rind that encases a yellowish-white interior.

The taste becomes sharper with ageing. When mature, the cheese becomes hard and crumbly in texture. Thus, pecorino Romano is ideal for grating and cooking. Because of its sweet and aromatic flavour, Pecorino Romano is used on different kinds of pasta and pizzas. It pairs well with Italian red wine.


The Italian word “Pecora” means sheep, and Pecorino derived its name from it. It has many varieties, depending on the place of origin. The one that is made in or near Rome has been named Pecorino Romano. It was made in Italy as far as 2,000 years back.

We find reference to it from the writings of Italian writer Pliny the Elder. Rural families in Italy depended on sheep for essential items like food, and thus, cheese made from sheep’s milk became a staple for them. Rennet is added to the curd that renders an intense aroma and sharp taste to the cheese.

How to use

The lingering taste of Pecorino makes it a good pal for chefs and foodies. As you bite into a slice, the nutty flavour will fill up your mouth, followed by its saltiness. Savour Pecorino Romano with a glass of red wine to enjoy its aroma and taste.

Make a delicious grilled cheese sandwich with slices of Pecorino, or grate it over pasta for a creamy cheesy layer. Pecorino gels with other cheeses on a cheese platter. Thus, it is one of the key ingredients of cheese boards. The salty Pecorino complements sweet pears or grapes. Pecorino is put in casseroles and gratins as stuffing.


Salt, Rennet, Milk


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