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Sardinia has gifted us with one of the most exquisite cheeses in the world. Made from sheep’s milk, Pecorino Sardo is a semi-hard and semi-cooked sweet cheese. It has grainy crystals with a nuttier and milder flavour of spices. The cheese gets its delicate flavour from the herbs and grasses of the Mediterranean isle of Sardinia that the Sarda sheep feed on.

Hints of lemon and thyme accessorize the sweet and creamy taste of Pecorino. Depending on the ageing period, Pecorino tastes either salty and mild or sharp and nutty. Pecorino Sardo is ideal for antipasto, baked dishes, frittatas, and soups. Mature Pecorino goes well with red wine.


Pecorino originated on the island of Sardinia in Italy. It is a firm cheese made from sheep’s milk and lamb rennet. According to historians, Sicilians started making this cheese around 2000 years back.

Sicilians are crazy about their cheese and put it in almost dishes. Pecorino Sardo is the traditional cheese of Sardinia that is protected under EU rules by a Denomination of Protected Origin. The cheese is produced from the milk of the same flock of Sardinian sheep.

How to use

The nutty aroma of Pecorino Sardo enhances the tastes of Sicilian dishes. It is a table cheese that is a staple in every Sicilian home. Being hard and firm, it is perfect for grating. You can grate it over pasta dishes like cacio e pepe or pasta alla gricia. It also goes well with salads and vegetable soups. It can be eaten in an antipasto to appreciate the flavour.

When eating alone, pair it with Italian red wine. For enhancing your gastronomic pleasure, have a plate of olives with it. Pecorino Sardo is used in authentic dishes like saffron risotto. It makes quiches taste better. End your meals on a grand scale with a plate of pecorino served along with nuts, fresh fruit, and honey.


Sheep MILK, salt, rennet.Rind not edible.

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