Prosciutto Crudo


Sweet, salty, soft, and buttery, when it comes to cured meat, Prosciutto Crudo is a star. It is made from the hind legs of hams, aged through a dry-curing process. Pink in colour, and dotted with fats, prosciutto looks delicious. It is the most popular salumi from Italy, now eaten all over the world.

Prosciutto Crudo is available sliced or as a chunk in the market. The sliced meat is easy to use and store. The best way to enjoy the buttery sweet taste of prosciutto is to eat it itself or as a part of a cheese or meat board. During summer, Italians love to wrap sliced prosciutto around cantaloupe melon.


In Italian, prosciutto means ham. The history of Prosciutto Crudo dates back thousands of years. In the pre-Roman age, villagers of Italy stocked meat for long winter months. They dry-cured the pork legs with salt and other spices. Usually, garlic, juniper, rosemary, and black pepper are used to cure the meat.

The tradition continues today. The best quality pork legs are chosen and dried for around 14-36 months to acquire the unique flavour. It is the perfect balance of moisture and tenderness that makes prosciutto so popular with meat lovers.

How to use

Using pre-sliced Prosciutto Crudo is convenient. This hand-crafted salame is best enjoyed alone. The sweet and buttery taste of prosciutto pairs well with melons, figs, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Prosciutto served with fruits is a popular appetizer in Italy. Serve it on cheeseboards so that you can fully appreciate the flavour.

It is very easy to make sandwiches with sliced prosciutto. Enjoy the silky melt-in-the-mouth texture of prosciutto on pizza. Another traditional way to eat this ham is as a filling in tortellini. Prosciutto goes well with white wine, especially Pinot Grigio.

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