Salame Milamo


Cured pork meat, grounded and seasoned with garlic, black peppercorns, salt, and white pepper, with a nutty and mildly sweet flavour – your mouth must have started watering. It has to be because we are talking about Salame Milano, Italy’s favourite salami that originated in Milan in North Italy. Known all over the world for its fresh aroma, finely shopped lean meat with generous amounts of fat, the taste is heavenly.

Take a look at the ruby-red slices of Salame Milano, covered with white moulds, and you will long to have a bite. The pleasantly sweet and delicate taste of this salame lingers for long, taking over your senses.


Salame Milano has an interesting history. It was invented by Giuseppe Citterio in the 1870s when he opened his eatery in Milan. The extraordinary recipe has travelled far and wide and soon found its place in the global gastronomic map.Lean pork is grounded to the size of a grain of rice and spiced with broken black peppercorns, white pepper, garlic, and salt.

After adding minced fat, the meat is left to mature for 3-9 weeks. This ensures a good consistency of fat and lean meat. Salame Milano is gluten-free and doesn’t contain any milk or milk derivatives.

How to use

Every foodie loves Salame Milano. It is extraordinarily delicious that can be incorporated intoa lot of dishes. Whether you bake or fry it, Salame Milano will always satiate your taste buds. Salame Milano works wonder as appetizers. Traditional Italian comforting pasta dishes become tastier with Salame Milano.When paired with soft cheeses or vegetable antipasti, Salame Milano ensures a blissful experience. Use them in risottos or pasta sauces for a tasty delight. Don’t forget to try the classic match of egg and salame. The salty richness of salame will uplift the eggs.An Italian cured meat platter remains incomplete without Salame Milano.


Pork,salt,sucrose,dextrose,spices and aromatic plants, antioxidants:sodium ascorbate, preservatives:potassium nitrate,sodium nitrite. Non edible casing.

Origin: Italy
Approx Weight:430 g

Whole Piece


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