Salami Bundle

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What's in it

Our fantastic Salami Bundle offers a mix of our specialty Salami!

  • 340g Truffle Salame
  • 340g Venison Salame
  • 340g Wild Boar Salame
  • 250g Dry Salsiccia calabrese dolce
  • 250g Dry Salsiccia calabrese piccante

    Origin: Italy
    Net Weight: 1.720kg


    You will never have enough of them. Salty, smoky, tangy, or meaty, a salame is the ultimate love for a foodie. If you have ever tasted an Italian salame, you know how addictive it is. Highly savoury, fatty, and deliciously aromatic, salame is pure bliss.

    The appeal of Italian salame lies in its variety. Whether you want pork or beef, whether you love the aroma of peppercorn or fennel, you will find a salame that your heart desires. To satiate your hunger for salame, we have created a salami bundle that includes the most delicious and traditional salame of Italy.

    Irresistible Bundle

    Truffle salame is one of the most popular salamis included in our salami bundle. Infused with the nutty and earthy taste of truffles, these salamis are a must-have. Venison salame is a delicacy that you should not miss. Flavoured with nutmeg, venison salami romances the taste buds with its intense and earthy taste.

    Classic and ecstatic, wild boar salame is a Tuscan dish that you must try. Dry Salsiccia calabrese dolce and piccante are two prominent members of our salami bundle. Known for their tangy taste, these two variants come with an unmatched flavour that makes our mouths water.

    How to use 

    With so much variety in one bundle, you can rest assured that you will have a great time tasting these salamis. You can serve these as an antipasto. They will work great on a meat platter. With the balance of flavour and spicy and sweet taste, the salami bundle will make every meal unforgettable. Use them to celebrate special occasions or for a party dinner.

    Your guests will love to savour this cured meat bundle. Serve them cold or use them to make sandwiches tastier. You can also individually use the salamis in your favourite dish. Pasta alla Norcina is a common traditional dish that uses truffle salami. Similarly, calabrese goes well with penne pasta.


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