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Meaty magic. That’s how you may describe speck. This smoky cured pork is one of the best from the kitchen of Italy. Italians lovingly describe the process of making speck as, “Little salt, little smoke, and plenty of fresh mountain air.”

It has a deep, smoky, and savoury taste, perfect to romance your taste buds. Made from pork thighs, speck is a delicacy from northern Italy that has won the hearts of food lovers from across the globe. The pork legs are rubbed with a mixture of pepper, salt, juniper berries, and bay leaves that give it the signature flavour. Usually, it is enjoyed with a dollop of horseradish and pickled cucumber.


Speck is a traditional delicacy of South Tyrol in northeast Italy. Apart from the Dolomite mountains, the region is famous for its cured meat. Traditionally made in homes for several centuries, the root of speck can be traced back to the year 1200. The name speck appears in Tyrol’s historical documents dated the 18th century.

Each family has its secret recipe for making specks, and these have been handed down through generations. Usually, the pork thighs are left in marinade for three weeks, after which they are smoked and kept to age for 22 weeks.

How to use

There are plenty of ways to use it. Cut it into thin slices or cubes, and use it in traditional Italian dishes to enjoy that smoky mountain aroma. Serve it on its own to savour the wholesome taste. The tender and dense meat looks appetising, and hence, is used in appetisers.

As an antipasto, it works great. It is a perfect ally to create delicious meat and cheese boards. Prepare authentic Dolomiti dishes like Knodel with speck. The South Tyrolean snack platter, Marende, remains incomplete without a speck. Try canederli or pair it with red radicchio or pasta. You can also use it with eggs for a hearty meal.

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