Venison Salame




Nothing compares with the taste of venison salame. The intense flavour of venison combines with herbs and spices to create a unique salame with a pronounced taste to satiate your hunger. The earthy and marked taste of venison salame comes from minced venison meat and pork.

Soft and delicious, the flavour of nutmeg accentuates the taste of this salame. In north Italy, the tradition of making salame with the local games has gifted the world with this delicious treat. Pair it with red wine for a delightful experience. Venison salame is healthier because it contains less fat and is loaded with minerals and vitamins.


Italy was one of the major countries that created salame. Italians loved hunting too and created classic game recipes that have become popular in other parts of the world. The abundance of wild animals and a tradition of curing meat gave rise to these gaming foods like venison salame.

Some of these foods are used in daily meals, and some, like, venison salame, are usually enjoyed as a special treat or as a festive dish. It can be added to stews or used to make pasta sauce. Today, venison salame is widely available and has become a revered item in every kitchen.

How to use

Italians love their venison salame. Enjoy it like any other Italian salame and let the gamey and earthy flavour of venison take over your senses. When combined with red wine, venison salame is surely going to blow your mind. It is easy to rustle up a venison sandwich with the salame.

Smoke it on a smoker and add it to your meat board. Use venison salame on pizza for a special treat. Venison bratwurst is a traditional recipe that uses this salame. Venison can be paired with eggs to make delicious egg muffins. Add venison to penne pasta, and you will keep yearning for more.


Salt, Sugar, Dextrose, Flavours, Spices, Antioxidants E301, Preservatives E252 E250.

Origin: Italy
Approx Weight: 340g

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