Wild Boar Salame




Try wild boar salame for a melt-in-the-mouth experience that is hard to forget. A classic Italian salame made from minced wild boar meat, dry-cured for that perfect gamey flavour. Aromatic herbs come together to create a mildly delicious taste in this salame.

The soft texture with a hint of nuts makes wild boar salame a classic treat for the taste buds. Wild boar salame is enjoyed as a snack. Leaner, tangier, and distinctively strong, wild boar salame holds a special position in Italian cuisine. It is added to meat platters and also in traditional pasta dishes. Rediscover the authentic flavour of Tuscan meat along with Tuscany red wine.


A specialty from Tuscany, wild boar salame is made from wild boar from the Tuscany region, known for cured meat and other iconic Italian delicacies. The tradition of curing meat started in Tuscany and Umbria regions during Roman rule.

With time, these areas became famous for creating signature salame like wild boar. Seasoned for around 45-60 days, wild boar salame is perfect to begin a game-based dinner. Today wild boar salame features in meat platters and is highly appreciated as an appetiser.

How to use

Use it as a starter for a joyful experience. Include it in an antipasto platter along with other cured meat and cheeses. It can be added to risotto and salads too. Pair it with pecorino to fully appreciate its savour. When you are running out of time, make a quick sandwich with this salame.

Tagliatelle pairs well with wild boar salame. Another classic way to enjoy this salame is by preparing rigatoni with it. The wild boar ragu recipe is an iconic dish from Tuscany and is available in other parts of Italy. You can also prepare stews with it.


Pork Meat, Wild Boar Meat, Salt, Sugar, Dextrose, Flavours, Spices, Antioxidants E301, Preservatives E252 E250

Origin: Italy
Approx Weight: 340g

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