Grana Padano Grated 1kg


What comes to your mind when you think of Italian cuisine - Creamy pasta, risotto, or carbonara? What makes these dishes so delicious is the presence of Grana Padano, an unmatched heritage of Italy.

It is the most popular and widely used cheese in Italy. Grana Padano is a full-bodied grainy cheese with a unique mild but nutty taste. The stiff and pale-coloured cheese has a thick rind, perfect for grating. The distinctive flaky texture and an intense aroma linger as an aftertaste, making Grana Padano the favourite of every turophile.


Known for its extra crunch or grainy texture, Grana Padano was discovered by Benedictine monks around 1000 years ago. The aged cheese, crafted from partially-skimmed raw Italian milk of free-range cows is found in Northern Italy’s Po River Valley.The secret behind the hard and crumbly texture of Grana Padano is its ageing process.

Specially curated and aged for nine months, Grana Padano reflects the passion and cooking technique that makes Italian cuisine unparalleled in the culinary world. Each wheel is kept for nine months to mature and gets a seal of approval from The Grana Padano Protection Consortium to be named and sold as Grana Padano.

How to use

Grana Padano is unpasteurized and free of preservatives and artificial fillers. Versatility makes it a chef’s delight. Have it on its own, as chunks to enjoy its nutty and creamy flavour. Dense and flaky, Grana Padano can be grated easily. Adding Grana Padano grated to any salad will make it tastier.

Use it to add an extra punch to your lasagnas, ravioli centers, or alfredo. Put it in pasta or risottos for a hearty meal, or mix it with ricotta or mozzarella for an enriching flavour. Chunks of Grana Padano make broth or soup savorier.


Milk, salt, rennet, Preservatives; lysozyme from EGG.  Fat in dry matter: 32% min.

Origin: North Italy
Net weight: 1kg

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