Pancetta Arrotolata

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Pancetta Arrotolata – the taste is as exotic as the name. A type of salt-cured and seasoned meat, it is made from pork belly and is one of the most popular Italian cured meats that has fans spread across the world. The light pink colour and silky texture make it look appetising.

It is unsmoked and usually seasoned with salts, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and other herbs to create a distinct flavour. This versatile meaty wonder is a staple of the Italian kitchen. Pancetta Arrotolata is rolled and cured until firm. Sliced or diced, it uplifts the taste of traditional Italian dishes like pizza, sughi, verdure, and zuppe.

Size: 800-900g


The Italians have been enjoying Pancetta Arrotolata for centuries. When going for long voyages, sailors carried cured meat. Pancetta Arrotolata was invented out of necessity. Recorded history showed that as early as the 15th century, this cured meat was in use. Different regions in Italy have separate versions of Pancetta Arrotolata, depending on the breed of pig and spices used.

A long curing process ensures that the meat develops its unique taste. After curing, additional seasonings are applied before rolling it into logs. Soft, delicate, and juicy, Pancetta Arrotolata is valued for its tenderness and flavour.

How to use

From pasta sauces to salads, Pancetta Arrotolata has multiple uses. It is the main ingredient for pasta, soups, and stews. If you love antipasto, serve it raw to relish its juicy flavour. Traditional Bolognese ragu is made with Pancetta Arrotolata. Pasta Carbonara is another dish in which Pancetta Arrotolata is added.

Thinly sliced Pancetta Arrotolata makes your cold meat platter tasteful. You can add them to sandwiches for a quick meal. Stuff your panini with it or serve it with torta fritta. Make salads with peas and radishes for a healthy treat. Wrap it around your favourite vegetable or put it on pizza.


Pork belly, salt, dextrose, aromas,spices, antioxidants: E300, preservatives: E252-E250.

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