Prosciutto Crudo

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The rosy and delicate look of Prosciutto Crudo will tempt you to take a bite, and once you allow the flavour to sink, you cannot stop yourself.  Prosciutto Crudo is a type of Italian ham that doesn’t require much introduction.

Prosciutto translates to ham in Italian. Prosciutto Crudo is raw and cured ham made from high-quality pork legs. It comes in a deep red colour, marbled with fat. Salty, fragrant, buttery, and soft, thin slices of Prosciutto Crudo melt in the mouth. It is traditionally served on panini or wrapped around grissini.

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Prosciutto Crudo has a long history. During the pre-Roman times, Italians started dry-ageing pork legs to ensure the supply of meat during the long winters. The art of curing the meat was perfected with time, and today, this cured ham is celebrated all over the world.

The best quality hind legs are taken and salted to remove the moisture. After about four months, the salt is removed and the legs kept to dry. The long curing process ensures that Prosciutto Crudo has the perfect balance of moisture and tenderness.

How to use

The best thing about Prosciutto Crudo is that it can be eaten on its own or included in appetisers, meat platters, or main dishes. Try a thin slice of Prosciutto and let your mouth fill with the buttery taste. Include it in an antipasto platter for a joyful eating experience.

The subtly sweet but intense flavour of the ham complements creamy cheeses and fresh fruits. Pair it with white wine for that ultimate bliss. During summers, serve it with fresh melon. Treat yourself with cantaloupes, wrapped with slices of Prosciutto.

It also pairs well with cooked asparagus or peas. If you love Italian pizza, try pizza alla pala with prosciutto. Tramezzino is a popular Italian sandwich most commonly made with tuna, cheese, and Prosciutto Crudo.


Pork, salt, preservative. E252

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